15 Dating Ideas

15 Dating Ideas

Are you ready to get serious about finding love… but you get stuck on great dating ideas? Based on our years of match making experience, we’ve pulled together 15 dating ideas that are sure to woo your date and get you a second date!   Whether you’re sporty, an adventurer, a foodie or enjoy good old fashioned romance, we’ve got you covered.

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15 Great Dating Ideas

1.Bush or beach walk

If you love the outdoors, fresh air and feel more comfortable on the move, a walk can be the perfect date.

 2. Brunch 

The perfect date to just relax and get to know one another… and if you’re feeling a connection there’s still plenty of time left in the day to extend your date!

3. Picnic

Fresh food, fresh air, perhaps paired with a good wine and a stunning view keeps a picnic high up on our list of great date ideas. Why not try our 2 hour guided eco walk – the perfect ice breaker date.

4. Take a day trip

Get out of town and explore your surroundings.  Visit a winery, a boutique restaurant in the hills or lunch at the seaside.  A change of scenery will see you both feeling more carefree and relaxed.

 5. Explore your city or town

Experience your own backyard – embark on a ferry ride, hire a bike, visit local markets or see what new establishments have opened up that you’d like to see.

Start your night with a beautiful dinner where you can enjoy getting to know each other before being entertained.

7. Cook your favourite recipe or try a new one

Show off those culinary skills and cook your favourite recipe or why not choose one together and cook up a storm.

8. Savour local delights at the farmers market

Love to shop local and savour the full flavours of local markets, this date is perfect for a casual get together and you’ll learn what flavours you both enjoy.  (hint: gain some insights on your dates favourite foods to take to your second date, where you can do the cooking! – see #7)

9. Try a new restaurant 

Dining out together at a new restaurant gives you both a new experience to have together and gives you a chance to dress up. 

10. Go for a surf or kayak 

Share your passion for the ocean with a surf or kayak and soak up the good vibes.

11. Whale watching

Available in various locations across the east coast of Australia between June and October each year, wow your date with a whale watching experience.

 12. Sunset drinks on the beach

If you prefer a relaxed vibe, take to the beach for sunsetters and watch as the sky transforms into the starry night.

13. Take your pooches on an outing

Dog lovers unite with a Pooch and a pash!  Go to your favourite doggy park or cafe and get to know each other and their best ‘furry’ friend. 

14. Enjoy a class together

Love learning new things- why not book into a class, anything from yoga to cocktail mixing.

15. Go for Gelato

Step it up with a Gelato date!  Show your date you appreciate the simple, yet good things, in life.