5 ways to build trust when dating By Renee Slansky –

5 ways to build trust when dating By Renee Slansky

It’s not easy to build trust in the dating world when we have access to so many other people in the secrecy of our own hand.
It’s something that a lot of people struggle with, and that is being able to build trust with someone that you want to get to know and possibly have a relationship with.


We all know someone who has been lied to or cheated or we have experienced it ourselves, so it’s no wonder that we feel a little dubious about wearing our heart on our sleeve.


And of course, it doesn’t help when there are apps developed specially to help people cheat, lie and have affairs. But before we throw the towel in and start to box everyone in the same category, let’s get practical about how to build trust whilst dating:



1) Learn to see the red flags early on
If we can identify qualities that indicate someone’s intentions and character early on, then we minimise the risk of being hurt. Knowing the red flags before you commit your heart to someone, will help protect yourself from being taken advantage of. Trust is obviously something that is built over time as we get to know someone, that is why dating shouldn’t be rushed.


2) Trust is a choice
All the things we want like love, commitment and trust, are not just based on feelings but are choices. This means that we have to choose to trust the person we are dating and give them the benefit of the doubt. We can’t punish them without past experiences of mistrust, each new relationship should have a clean slate. It’s not to say you can’t be wary and sensible about the level of trust you give straight away, but remember that ultimately it won’t be just based on how you feel, it has to be about the decision to trust.


3) Pace Yourself
Don’t be in a hurry to jump into something with someone when you are still getting to know their character. Even if you both like each other a lot, it’s good to set the pace so that there aren’t any surprises down the track. When you set certain standards, it helps give you an indication of whether or not the person you are dating is on the same page, and that security about their intentions and character is what helps us open up and trust them more.


4) Stay transparent
The more honest and transparent you are with yourself and them, the clearer the answer you will have about whether or not they are someone to trust. Open communication about your thoughts, feelings and expectations will example to them the sort of behaviour you also expect in return. The last thing you want is to build a relationship with someone without being authentic or true to what you want, believe and value. Trust is something that takes time to build, so make sure you are building person.he right person .