A Picture Can Tell a Thousand Words…..!

A Picture Can Tell a Thousand Words
  1. Your dating profile is about putting your best foot forward just the same as you would with a resume for a job.  You want to make your first impression count and that means finding photos that showcase you … it doesn’t mean finding a shot with your ex and cropping them out of the photo. It doesn’t mean taking your own shot with your camera held at arm’s length or using a photo from your webcam and it doesn’t mean just throwing up any old shots.
  2. If need be, HIRE A PHOTOGRAPHER! After all you’ve already made an investment in your dating future with us, so now it’s equally important to make an investment in your profile photos.
  3. It’s all part of being intentional about dating and giving it 100%.  We are the experts and will give you advice on your photos, if we feel you could do better we will tell you say, and don’t take it personally, we’re here to work for you!
  4. Angle and lighting play a large part in the appeal of your photo.  Choose a photo which is crisp and in focus.  It should show you clearly (only you, not your buddies) and it should feature your most attractive angle.
  5. Be neat and tidy and well groomed with nice clothing on that shows you care about your appearance.  Choose a background that reflects who you are, and not with other people lurking around you.
  6. Convey your personality – let your personality speak for you in your photo, through your eyes, your face and expressions, actions and body language, and above all your SMILE!