First impressions always last

First impressions always last

A first impression can have the power to make a person fall short of compliments, or even fall in love. The key to a first impression is to be yourself. Be confident, but not overly confident. Dress for the date, not for a cozy night in with your favorite movie. Everyone wants to feel the other person has made an effort, cares enough to look their best and dress appropriately. So look fabulous!

Here are some tips to get you thinking about what you’re going to wear on your next date.

1. Acknowledge that it is a date not a hangout.
You can never be overdressed you canbe sexy but elegant. Being underdressed is a different story, it can give off the impression that you are careless and make your date feel self-conscious. Also, be suitably dressed for the time of day and the venue.

2. Be the best version of yourself, as simple as that: Even when all you want to do is impress your date you must make sure that you do not get carried away or go overboard. You need to be the best version of yourself for this special occasion. Wear something that expresses your personality. For women, this dilemma might seem to be never ending. My tip for you is, keep your business suites at home and bring out that special little black dress we all know you have in the back of your wardrobe and you’ve been hanging to wear! The same goes for you gents, a snazzy suit for a date and a business suit are two very different things.

3. Pay attention to your complete ensemble: From head to toe, make sure that your complete and stylish appearance is perfectly coordinated. From your bag to your accessories, attire, footwear, hair and makeup.

4. Aim for elegance: There is nothing more impressive than elegance in its full glory. Elegance can even conquer hotness. So, if you manage to appear elegant, you make your chances brighter of winning his/her heart.

5. Let confidence do the rest of the job: Confidence is the magic wand that can do wonders with any attire. If you are confident enough to sweep your partner off his/her feet, nothing can impede your efforts. So, make sure you are confident enough to carry yourself in any attire.

The one you met through an executive dating agency would expect you to dress appropriately for the occasion. It is true to say that your outfit may not have any effect by the end of your date, but bad clotheswill certainly have. So, take care that you are at least not dressed badly for your first date.