How to Attract Beautiful Women

How to Attract Beautiful Women

1) Starters

Appearance is very important for getting things started. Clothes, build, skin and accessories are all examples of simple things to improve your confidence.  The key is not to replicate everyone else, but to create your own identity, slightly bending the mold.

You do not have to be rich, talented, smart, ripped or hilarious to attract beautiful women.

Just find your identity with your appearance, and play it up. Build as much confidence in yourself as possible by taking simple steps to improve your looks like taking care of your skin, nails, hair, exercising regularly with a good diet.  There are plenty of free resources online to help you with these things including expert BLOGS like ours.

2) Conversation

Keep things simple. Think from her perspective and stay confident.

Strike up a conversation about anything going on around you, not about her looks with some cheesy pickup line! Once she starts to respond, focus on the basics. Let her talk about herself, but put in your two cents. Play off of her emotions. Make her laugh, get slightly dramatic even, just don’t get carried away with details and overwhelm her. Don’t complain about your problems, don’t mention inside jokes, and don’t talk politics, religion or dirty jokes.

The beyond…

After you hit it off with her, you’re home free.  Treat her right, gradually reveal more about yourself and dig deeper into her life. Don’t be too pushy, but don’t be afraid to talk about sex and your relationship status, as it feels comfortable.

Stay confident, and get what you want. The best way to attract beautiful women is to be confident with yourself by taking action to improve your own life, then finding a balance when learning about her. Take this advice, put it into action, and attract beautiful women at will!