How to Seduce Someone Using Only Your Eyes

How to Seduce Someone Using Only Your Eyes

The Power of Eye Contact

Eye contact is one of the first things people notice about each other. It can be hard to maintain eye contact during a conversation, but if you look at someone’s eyes while talking to them, they’ll feel more comfortable and interested in what you’re saying.

The look you want

The look you want in your eyes could best be described as “intense”. Think lustful thoughts and imagine you are looking at someone who drives you wild. Try to be passionate. Once energy is surging through your body, you want to transmit this only through your eyes. Your face should remain deadpan. Combine a genuine smile with a confident gaze.

Use visualization techniques if it helps.

In the Wild

You still have to go out and meet people.  However, your new found expressiveness will work very well in nightclubs, where body language and non-verbal communication is the order of the day.

You should have an alert, attentive look.  Combine a warm smile with a quick glance to make initial eye contact.

After you get a positive response, holding direct eye contact for a second longer than normal can say everything. Make sure that you are not having too much eye contact or you will make the person uncomfortable, they will get freaked out and will run off.  So it’s just a little back-and-forth eye contact at first, and soon you’ll be connecting at a deeper level.

Eye contact and conversation

Try combine purposefully boring conversation with intense, prolonged eye contact. Because you’re sending out mixed signals and being indirect, the other person will lose themselves in your gaze and it doesn’t give them a chance to analyse what’s going on.

Eyes are usually one of the most seductive parts of your body. If you have nice eyebrows and beautiful eyes, try this: When talking to a guy, subtly raise one eyebrow, look deep into his eyes, but continue listening, eventually he will get lost in the conversation, but you need to continue listening to the conversation: listening is essential!

Practice, Practice, Practice

Spend about 20 minutes a day or more practicing this in front of a mirror.

As you get better at this, you’ll be able to turn it on. You’ll be able to make your eyes go from “dead” to “very much alive” in a few seconds.