How to tell if you are dating a gentleman

How to tell if you are dating a gentleman

When we get swept off our feet by the very person we have been crushing on, it’s hard to know their true intentions straight away. Sometimes the Prince can turn into a frog, and all their efforts were just a mere smoke show. So to avoid the heartache and set yourself up for a real man that values and loves you, here is a quick checklist of what a true gentleman looks like:

1: He makes you a priority
When a man wants to be with you and impress you, he will pursue you. You won’t be fighting for a spot in his life because he will make you at the top of your list. You won’t be left wondering when you will see him next because he will be booking you up in advance. A gentleman understands what is important and will make sure that you aren’t just an option. He will know that relationships aren’t built on convenience and that you need to feel like you are valued.

2: He acts on his word
That’s because he is a man of his word and wants to follow through with his promises. He is aware of your feelings and doesn’t want to leave you feeling disappointed. In short, he is trying to build a trust foundation for you both. When a man is out to woo a woman, he will make sure that actions line up with his words, because he understands that consistency and honesty are important.

3: He courts you
This man wants to impress you. It isn’t so much about fancy things or flash gestures but rather acts of service that makes you feel special. He will put thought into the details and listen attentively to what you say. You will feel like you are being romanced daily, not just on the weekends or occasions. He will check up on how your day is and communicate with you consistently.

4: He is in no rush
A gentleman will take his time because he knows that there is no need to rush. He isn’t after a one night stand and isn’t looking elsewhere. You are the woman he wants and so he will take his time to make you feel safe, romanced and special. He won’t be pressuring you for intimacy or trying to put unrealistic timelines on you. He won’t be delayed in trying to win you over, but he also won’t be making you feel smothered.

5: He acts chivalrously with you
This goes from everything to having simple manners to doing gestures that make you feel special. His goal is to woo you and win your heart, not play with it. He speech, manners and everything about him will respect and honor you as a woman and future partner. He knows that how he treats you will determine what you think of him, and his goal will be to leave a good impression all the time. More often than not he will have traditional morals and standards and will be putting them into action.