I do! Do I?

I do Do I

When a man tells you that he loves you what do you feel?

Studies have shown that feelings can arise in a person just by having the knowledge that someone is interested in you… but how often are your feelings towards that person true?
Today I say let’s test it out! Really look at the person that you’re dating and when he or she confesses their undying Love you, dig deep into your heart and try to see how you feel when those words are spoken.

NOTE: if you feel mute or un-satisfied, chances are that you ARE un-satisfied and it’s time to move on so that you both can find the person that will truly hold your heart.

And that’s where we come in! Here at mirabelaElite we offer you the chance to sought out your perfect mate and build that foundation of trust, romance and love with that soon to be special someone.
It’s not easy to find the one you’re looking for, but it helps to have a little nudge ad we have the stick that will lead you to our destiny.