Lockdown Self-Reflections: How time with yourself makes you more dateable

Lockdown Self Reflections How time with yourself makes you more dateable

Getting through another lockdown wasn’t easy, but it certainly gave us plenty of time with ourselves. 

Sure, there was time to binge-watch our favourite shows, walk around and around your neighbourhood (within 5km!), and rearrange the furniture. 

But it wasn’t wasted. Being apart from the world gave us all plenty of time to get to know ourselves better and make some relationship self-reflections.

For some, it brought newfound confidence. 

“I learnt that I can do it all alone.”

“I like being alone from time to time.”

For others, it provided insight into what they need during tough times.

“I’ve learnt that my social anxiety is getting worse throughout lockdown, and my ideal partner 

would be by my side, no matter how hard life gets, as I’ll always be there for her.”

Ultimately, learning who you are and what you like, dislike, and crave in life, will attract the right partner into your world. Because having confidence in one’s self is damn sexy!

Working for the money, the love, or the people?

Being thrown out of the office and into your lounge room to work is a fast way to learn what your job *really* means to you. 

Enjoying your job happens for a variety of reasons and it’s different for everyone. If you thrive on space to be creative, having control over your workspace at home might have made you more productive.

But if chatting with co-workers makes the day go faster – and seeing them is the best part of your workday – being away from them might have left you feeling lonely and frustrated. 

It’s also a sign that the job you’re in might not be the right fit. 

There are friendly people in all industries. If the work you’re doing isn’t fulfilling, changing careers could be a good idea. You’ll be able to keep the friendships you’ve made in your current role and discover new ones in a job that makes you bounce out of bed in the morning.

And a new work colleague could lead to the introduction of your perfect partner. Or you could *actually* discover your perfect partner at work! You just never know…

Above all that – having a sense of fulfilment in work is an attractive trait. People are drawn to someone who’s happy and confident in their life choices.

Taking relationship self-reflections into the real world

Spending time alone shows us what we like and don’t like about ourselves. It’s surprising how many tasks we do unconsciously – and self-reflection helps us tune into them. Asking yourself why you do what you do will help you learn what drives you.

Discovering what motivates you is the first step to making changes. 

It also helps you gain clarity on the type of person you need as a partner. If you’re driven by a desire for freedom, partnering with someone who craves to be alone with you *every single night*  might cause conflict.

When we asked our followers what lockdown taught them, they said:

“I need someone who is secure in themselves.”

“I am extremely patient, and want a partner that knows what he wants!”

“I have learned that I don’t have an ‘ideal partner’… I just want someone who will be by my side and (for me to) be happy with.”

What type of personality traits are you looking for in a partner?

Knowing who you are and the kind of person who will capture your heart makes dating much smoother. Plus, the insights you’ve gained into your own personality, habits, and desires will give you the confidence you need to show up as your best self.

If you’re feeling a little scruffy and socially awkward after being home alone for so long, don’t worry. At Mirabela Executive Dating, we’re here to help you with styling and dating coaching – so when you’re ready to get out on the dating scene again, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy the moment.

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