4 modern dating rules to remember- by Renee Slansky

4 modern dating rules to remember

4 modern dating rules to remember- by Renee Slansky
It’s no secret that dating had changed over the last 10 years. We now have more ways than ever before to meet people from all over the world. However, we also need to be aware of a few guidelines that will help us make better choices, have better dates and find love :

1: Texting is OK, if you call as well
Thanks to technology we now have several different ways we can talk to one another. We no longer have to wait by the phone in case they call, or check our emails. We can text, Facebook message, Snapchat and probably even send something by an electronic pigeon! Whilst a phone call really does help to sort who is serious and who isn’t, we can’t blame them if they don’t call every single time. Texting can be a great way to communicate in ways that a call can’t. You can send images and add humour and meaning to your messages with the emoticons. Plus, it also gives you a chance to re-read a conversation and think about what you really want to say before you say it. You could say it allows us a few perks that a phone call doesn’t, including avoiding some awkward silences. The important thing to remember is to just communicate regularly in the first place. Some people aren’t texters, while others aren’t great conversationalists on the phone. Find a happy medium and let their actual effort to communicate at all be the indication you are looking for.

2: Keep the drama off social media
The fewer people that no your business, the better. When you keep things private (no secret- there is a huge difference!) it means you allow less unwanted and confusing opinions. The world doesn’t have to know your every fight or feeling and just because social media gives us a microphone, doesn’t mean we should use it. Try to get into the habit of getting to know your date outside of social media as well. Don’t stalk their profile or overanalyse their history, photos and friends. When you go digging for dirt, you usually find some! Get to know their true character and intentions in real life and keep your new relationship off social media until you both know for sure it’s serious. It will stop busybodies from asking too much, and any awkwardness if it doesn’t work out.

3: Traditional morals are still key
Just because the way in which we meet somebody has changed, doesn’t mean the fundamentals of a relationship have. Dating apps and online dating are a great way to meet potential partners. However, keeping your relationship progression, strong and healthy will be based on the core foundations on what relationships need. Make sure you are building a relationship offline with them. Try to not let social media control your time together or your relationship as a whole. Understand where healthy boundaries need to be set and the importance of quality time.

4: Quantity doesn’t equal quality
Just because we have more ways to meet more people, doesn’t mean they will all be of value to your life. Have a clear idea of the type of partner you are looking for and try to not settle for anything less. It’s easy to get distracted by someone who wants to give you attention or is quite attractive! But dating isn’t about trying so many candidates that you are left completely exhausted or discouraged. Limit the number of avenues that you are trying to meet someone, so that you don’t become confused or overwhelmed with all your options. And remember it may take a few bad dates before you find someone who makes your heart spark, and that’s OK.