Monogamy and the Joy of Being Single

Monogamy and the Joy of Being Single


Do men think monogamy is something you make tables out of? Woodn’t you?

Arguably Monogamy is something women are more in touch with than men. You could say that is due to a generation built on Adam picking the apples and eve eating them. In that sense a man could feed us anything and we would happily eat till our hearts content. Is it hard to date just one person today? It was certainly all that Adam and Eve could do at the time. But what about now? With so many people to choose from can you still rely on monogamous dating?

Single Island…

Ok c’mon it doesn’t take a lot for us to celebrate these days, from big weddings to attending after work drinks just because the suns out!! There’s just one thing that doesn’t seem to be celebrated and that’s being ‘SINGLE’! On Valentine’s Day there’s not a card saying ‘congratulations your single’ or  ‘well done another year alone’. And isn’t it funny that we are confronted with public display of affection everywhere we go?

Even as necessary as getting grocery’s from your local supermarket, Singles need to be careful what line they join because you might have to sit through a unnecessary trailer of “just married” at the checkout. Anyway my point is should there be a separate island just for singles ?