Traveling for the first time with your new SO

Traveling for the first time with your new SO

Here it is, the moment you’ve been waiting for, the butterfly’s from the ups and downs of starting a new relationship have started to subside and now you need to focus on your next mini goal as a couple (lets steer away from the word milestone because that implies something huge and dramatic is going to be happening) what we’re talking about is your first holiday together as a couple, which is a small but exciting venture!

And no, this doesn’t necessarily have to be a two week long escape to the picturesque white cobbled streets of Santorini, your first time away together could be as short as a one night escape to a country lodge to enjoy a glass of wine while watching a stunning sunset, no first holiday together is too short, it’s all about making sure you unwind and have fun together as a couple!

Away from the stresses of everyday life your new relationship is only bound to thrive, so pack your bag and get ready to show off the best version of yourself possible!

Remember love thrives on happiness, and we will always be at our most happy when we’re relaxed and doing fun things away from our usual routine.

Feeling a bit nervous? Yeah well that’s only natural, if you guys are yet to spend an extended amount of time together you’ve probably been able to hide all the weird and wonderful things you do behind closed doors up until this point, but here’s the thing, the person you’re with has to love each and every weird and wonderful part of you for them to be the right person anyway, so don’t be nervous, we’re all human at the end of the day.

Top tips to tackle your first trip together:

  1. Don’t put a load of pressure on yourself to appear flawless at all times.
  2. You will have to accept that fact that there will be some human bodily functions going on infant of your S/O (sorry to break that news).
  3. Being around someone 24/7 for a few days is a great test for a relationship because you get to see exactly who they are.
  4. Going somewhere new that neither of you have been before helps to build a stronger connection because you’re creating brand new memories which they will only have experience of with you.
  5. Make sure you’re prepared with your travel arrangements whether that’s flights or driving routes – lateness or misdirection can lead to frustration on both sides and you want a stress free happy experience together.
  6. This isn’t the be all or end all of your new relationship, you can continue after this to create new memories and experiences together so don’t stress.
  7. HAVE FUN, no seriously just enjoy the moments you guys are spending together and remember you won’t get the same day twice.