VIP Dating: How to Maximize Looks

VIP Dating How to Maximize Looks

If you’d like to date a model or just meet a beautiful woman through top dating services, you must make sure that you maximize your appearance for success. To be attractive to women, you need not buy a whole new wardrobe, but focus on a few areas and improve what you already may have. The idea is to look like you, only better! You want to appear polished and well groomed. Here are four areas to focus on.

Your physique

Your body is a temple. If you date a model, you can bet that she will do everything in her power to stay fit and toned. It is important that you stay in shape as well; if you are pale, get a tan, whether it is natural or a spray tan. Join a health club and hit the gym hard with a personal trainer several times a week to maximize your results. Dating agencies do not like to take on clients who are overweight!

Your grooming habits

A polished appearance is crucial for VIP dating, and it is all about good grooming. Skin care is essential, and it doesn’t have to be complicated or time consuming. Use a dermatologist- recommended cleanser and moisturizing lotion that keeps your skin hydrated.  To prevent age spots and wrinkles, drink plenty of water and wear a sun screen daily. If your teeth are discolored, get them professionally whitened. If they are uneven, get veneers. If you wear glasses, make sure they are thin rimmed, designer frames or even contacts.

Your hair

Your hair can be one of the most important aspects about you that can be moulded and shaped to give you the best look. If your hair is really short, grow it out. If it is long, give it a proper trim. Make sure you get a good cut from a professional stylist or barber before attempting VIP dating.  Visit a salon or stylist for expert advice on styles and the products you should use for the best results. If you are losing your hair, do something about it—whether you try hair restoration to get it back to what it used to be or just shave it off completely.

Your Clothing

Toss your old favourites and put together three super strong outfits for VIP dating that can mix and match easily. Get some help from a stylist or a trusted friend to find out what looks and colours work best on you.  Do not buy anything that does not fit properly or can’t be tailored.  Choose colours that go with your skin tone and styles that are contemporary and currently fashionable.

Look the best you can for VIP dating!!!